The Bachelorette started last night. Oh, but the big twist this season is there are two bachelorettes, at least until tonight.

I knew this was going to be mean! This should be the girl's time to relax and let the guys be the ones that are all stressed out. Oh, and they will be, but not before the 25 guys

Will it be Britt or Kaitlyn? I guess it really depends on what the guys really want. Britt is a beautiful girl and seems really sweet but also she seems more like the trophy wife. Some of the guys have even said so. Then there is Kaitlyn. She's more of a party girl. Ready for anything and she really seems to be more of a free spirit.

We'll find out tonight who the guys voted for, but I can't help but think about how mean this season is with two bachelorettes. How awful! Can you imagine? You are picked to be The Bachelorette. Then you find out your not the only one. Oh, but wait! Now you have a few minutes to meet the guys and hope they like you because they are going to vote on which girl they like better.

I'm kinda surprised these people don't need some counseling afterwards. I mean much rejection can a person take?

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