As tight as things are, more, and more people are shopping at the Dollar Stores... me included.  Especially around this time of year, the Dollar Stores are great for "stocking stuffers", and Christmas decorations can cost up to 70% cheaper too.  But when shopping at the Dollar Stores, there are some things you should get there, and some things you shouldn't.


Don't buy Toys -- They are cheap and the break easy... but coloring books cost a lot less than the other stores.

Don't buy Batteries -- Generic batteries are made with Zinc, not lithium, they die quick, and can leak and damage your stuff.

Don't buy Vitamins -- Consumer Reports did a study that showed that a lot of times the labels aren't, lets say, accurate.

Don't buy Power Strips -- Power Strips or Extension Cords aren't made very well and can damage your electronics... same thing with computer wires.

Don't buy Aluminum Foil -- At Sam's Club you can get like 3 100 foot rolls of foil for around $10.  At the Dollar Stores it's somewhere around $1 for a 25' roll, and the generic stuff is usually never as good.



Do buy Socks -- Plain white socks are pretty simple really, but they usually cost around $2.50 per pair at regular stores.

Do buy Cleaning Products -- Sometimes they aren't as strong, but you can just use a little more, and they got pretty good sponges too.

Do buy Shampoo -- It's cheaper, and experts say that expensive shampoo doesn't clean your hair any better, or make your hair look any better... just smell better.

Do buy Spices -- They probably won't have a very big selection of spices, but for Pepper, Cinnamon, or Garlic, it's a lot cheaper than the grocery store...(check expiration dates.)

Do buy Greeting Cards -- Maybe a little less quality with the paper, but you can sometimes get them 2 for a $1, when they cost 4 of 5 bucks at the pharmacies, and grocery stores... even more at the book stores.

I hope this helps you a little bit... we all need all the help we can get.