Millennials are both loved and hated which is why it's no surprise that some states are better for this generation than others.

There are quite a few stereotypes that are floating around regarding millennials. This generation, these early-20-to-early-30-somethings, are depicted as entitled or emotionally fragile. On the other side of the coin though, millennnials are college educated and big spenders.

However, millennials are also worse off than their parents because they entered the workforce in the Great Recession and haven't quite been able to recover.

It's no wonder that some states are better for millennials than others. WalletHub recently ranked these states on the best side and the worst side. They looked at things like share of millennials, millennial unemployment rate, and voter turnout rate.

Aside from Texas (ranked number 17), the Ark-La-Tex struggled.

Louisiana (No. 46) and Arkansas (No. 44) landed in the bottom 10 of this list, making them some of the worst states for millennials. The category that hit these two states the hardest was simple "Affordability." Arkansas' does feature some of the lowest housing costs, but that clearly wasn't enough.

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