The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana is excited to hear today that the Online Associate of Applied Science Degree in Funeral Service Education has met all conditions for accreditation. 

The online program began last year and required a one-year self-study and focus visit that assessed online courses and online students.

"We are happy to say that after the mandatory one-year evaluation, the online degree has received unconditional full accreditation from the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE)," said Karen Davis, Dean of Health Professions.


Not Their First Time Around

UAHT has a well-respected funeral service program that's been around for a long time.

"The Committee on Accreditation commended UAHT's Funeral Service Education Program for their engaging teaching methods, student satisfaction, and long-term commitment to excellence," said Brad Sheppard, Funeral Services Instructor. "The online degree is a natural extension of our on-campus program, which has been continuously accredited by the ABFSE since 1997 and will reflect the same quality education as our on-campus degree."

Davis has been a part of the funeral service program at UAHT since 1997 also said that he's excited the program will now offer AAS Funeral Service Education degree 100% online. Many students are unable to move and /or give up full-time jobs to earn a degree, this online program will allow those students to earn a degree where ever they are.

Brad Sheppard, UAHT Funeral Services Instructor, teaches students in the SynDaver lab on the U of A Hope campus.
Brad Sheppard, UAHT Funeral Services Instructor, teaches students in the SynDaver lab on the U of A Hope campus.

The online degree is a two-year 60-credit hour program that will teach the skills necessary to become a funeral director and embalmer.

Who Can Attend?

At this time, the online program is limited to residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas (resident 30 days prior to the start of classes).

For more information or to apply for the program, contact Brad Sheppard at or 870-722-8523, or Karen Davis at or 870-722-8206.

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