In Texas, there many animals that residents of the state keep as a pet. You can either fall into the cat person-dog person debate, or you could go a different route and have a bird or fish. But one thing is immensely important when having a pet, and that of course is taking care of them.

From food to bathing them, there's a lot to do for an animal that can't really take care of itself. But another thing you might have to do is protect your animal from another animal. Yes, we've all had a run-in with an animal that doesn't take too kindly to your pet.

One of those aforementioned animals has recently been noticed more often in Texas, and it's none other than the coyote.

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Coyotes In The Lone Star State

The good news? According to KXAN, attacks from Coyotes on Texans aren't high. In fact, they are, as stated by the Texas Parks And Wildlife Department, "extremely rare." But when the coyote in question is in the phenomenon known as "denning" things become hazardous.

KXAN provides the details, but the main point is that coyotes protect their pups and will act aggressive towards other animals, such as dogs if they feel their area is being invaded. So is there a way to avert a meeting with an angry coyote?

Ironically, the way to stop the aggression is to be aggressive yourself. KXAN provided information from TWPD to help:

- Making loud noises, such as yelling, clapping or using a whistle
- Large, assertive movements, such as waving hands, stomping feet or jumping
- Spraying water
- Throwing small objects at the animal with the intent to hit

So if you're out in the wild in Texas, be alert!

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