I love cats. I've loved them ever since I was a child watching Born Free. But to see a tiger roaming a neighborhood in Houston? Well, I would've been pretty nervous and I would've defiantly stayed inside and watched from a window.   

It seems I wouldn't have been the only one in the neighborhood a little freaked out about a Tiger on the loose. It turns out that the tiger is someone's pet. But according to KHOU, I found out that in Texas you can own a big cat or other exotic animals as a pet if you register with their local animal control or sheriff, provide a paperwork copy to the state, and follow caging requirements, but in a city usually they are prohibited.

It seems that there are more pet tigers in Texas than we realize. Like I said I love big cats and this one in Houston is just so beautiful but owning a tiger? This might be even to far for me. A few years ago I did go to a big cat reserve just outside of Tyler and  I highly recommend going for a day and see the beautiful big cats at Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary. 

You can check out the story below and watch as the owner comes out and grabs the tiger and gives him a big kiss on the head. Oh, I so want to do that!!!

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