Everyone likes a good scare every now and then. There are plenty of places you can go near here for an evening of some creepy fun. But don't go alone. I searched the state of Arkansas for some haunted attractions you definitely don't want to miss out on.  These places are not for the faint of heart or the squeamish.

Let's take a look at the Top 6 most creepy haunted attractions to visit this Halloween in Arkansas.

1. Arkansas' Reaper House

Located in North Little Rock Ark., this place will scare the living heck out of you from beginning to end. You'll be crying, screaming and begging for your life at every turn in this 15,000 square feet house of horror. With over 30 scenes of blood and gore throughout many who have visited here never make it to the end. Will you?  Click Here if you dare.

2. The Old Haunted Warehouse

Located in Little Rock as well, this warehouse will take you on an intense pulse pounding trip that is overrun with followers and victims of Central Arkansas' most notorious serial killers, and all you'll have is glow sticks to help light the way through this maze of terror. Click Here if you dare.

 3. Fear Factory 501

Located in Jacksonville/Cabot Ark., Fear Factory 501 features a torture room that is filled with blood and gore and if you think you can stomach this, guess again. Special effects and the latest technology makes this factory just what it says, Fear Factory 501. You want be standing for long once you enter this haunted house that showcases "Skully's Haunted Playhouse."  Click Here if you dare.

4. Carpenter's Mortuary Spook House

Located in Gentry, Ark., what makes this place so eerie and creepy  is because it's one of the only haunted attractions in America that is inside an old real abandoned mortuary. Need I say more. Click Here if you dare.

5. The Warehouse


Located in Lincoln, Ark., the moment you walk into this building expect to be terrorized and  attacked by zombies in an old huge school with many levels of terror at every turn. The theme has an industrial and military feel throughout with many pitch black sections, strobes, water, mazes and lots of zombies.  Click Here if you dare.

6. Magic Screams

Located in Hot Springs, Ark., Magic Springs theme park has been transformed into a horror-fest. Experience more haunted houses than ever before, scary clowns at every turn in CarnEvil No. 9, and Wasteland where some secrets can't be buried. Halloween contests, fright flicks, and kid friendly houses are just a part of Magic Screams this year. Click Here if you dare.