There's a couple of great months in the year 2018 if you're a Vampire or just love a ginormous full-moon.

If you were not paying attention on New Years night, that was the first one. The second full moon this month will happen on the 31st. The interesting thing with that one is it will also have a full eclipse to go with it.

The eclipse for our area will begin early in the morning on Wednesday at 5:48 AM, it will be full at 6:51 which is only 21 minutes shy of sunrise. So whether or not we'll be able to see it depends on the pre-dawn sky cover for sure. The total eclipse will last 77 minutes but when the sun rises at 7:12, we're done. Those in Mountain Time and West of that will get to see the whole event this time.

There will be no full moon in February this year but we will see two again in March.

Did You Know: The second full moon in any given month is called a Blue Moon. This will be the first Blue Moon total eclipse in 150 years. (

Eyes up Skywatchers, Happy New Year!








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