Once again Texarkana makes a name for itself. This time congratulations to both Texas High School and to Pleasant Grove High School. Both schools have been given a great honor as the Pleasant Grove Hawk Yearbook and the Texas High Tiger yearbook were both recently recognized as two of the Top 100 publications in the country by the National Scholastic Press Association.

NSPA has trained and honored student journalists since 1921

First of all, putting a yearbook together is no small feat and these awards are definitely something to be very proud of. The National Scholastic Press Association is also known as NSPA has trained and honored student journalists through conventions, workshops and awards since 1921.


'The Pacemaker really represents the best of the best'

The Pacemaker awards are now recognized as the top prizes in scholastic journalism. They honor the very best scholastic broadcasts, literary arts magazines, newspapers/news magazines, online publications, specialty magazines and yearbooks.

In a press release, the NSPA associate director Gary Lundgren said,

“The Pacemaker really represents the best of the best and it is appropriate that we recognize the rich tradition this award has in scholastic journalism as part of our centennial celebration,”

The word "YEARBOOK" written in vintage wooden letterpress type.

A high school yearbook is a great collection of memories and when you receive one you keep them forever and pass them down through the family. That's another reason why this is such a great award for both the Texas High School team and the Pleasant Grove High School team that worked so hard on these publications. This award, The Pacemaker 100, represents a one-time snapshot of the top 100 publications recognized in the competition during its history.

All The Pacemaker 100 replicants will be honored and presented with awards

All The Pacemaker 100 replicants will be honored and presented with awards during the NSPA centennial celebrations that are planned for both the fall and spring at the National High School Journalism Convention.

Congratulations on the recognition and the hard work!

Below you can check out the video where the Pacemakers are announced. You can also see all the schools recognized nationwide here.

NSPA Pacemaker 100 & top 10 from NSPA/ACP on Vimeo.

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