The 2019 University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana commencement ceremony will be held Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00 PM at Hempstead Hall on the Hope Campus. A total of 435 students from counties in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana are expected to graduate.

“The enrollment growth at UAHT has been at the top in the State in the past several years, but we are even more proud to say that UAHT is graduating students in record numbers,” said Chancellor Chris Thomason. The number of graduates at UAHT has increased by 69% from 2014, and the total number of degrees and certificates awarded has risen by 52%. “Making it a priority to help our students graduate has resulted in UAHT awarding 3,243 degrees and certificates in the last five years and has helped our campus finish second among all twenty-two Arkansas colleges in the Department of Higher Education’s performance funding model outcomes.”

For more information, call 870-777-5722.

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