The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana will host New Student Orientation (NSO) online this year via Blackboard. The College will also offer on-campus appointments for small groups of students to pick up their student ID cards, parking stickers, and books before classes begin.

According to a press release, this year, New Student Orientation informational sessions will be uploaded for students to view via UAHT student Blackboard accounts. In these sessions, students learn valuable information about topics like financial aid, tutoring, counseling, UAHT programs, and time management to help them have a more successful semester. Students simply log in to their UAHT student Blackboard accounts to view the informational sessions. New students who complete the sessions will receive a free NSO t-shirt.

Jennifer Cunningham, Director of Student Relations, said this year would be unlike any other New Student Orientation at UAHT. “The Enrollment Management Office worked to find alternatives that would still meet the needs of our students for our fall orientation this year,” she said. “Orientation is a fun, welcoming event that also serves as a great resource for incoming students. We wanted to make the best possible decisions for the safety of all students and campus offices involved. While the content areas for NSO remain the same, we are offering multiple on-campus orientation times for smaller groups to ensure that every student has the time and opportunity to visit campus in person, and log on to attend the virtual informational sessions.”

Due to physical distancing guidelines, only twenty students will be allowed to register per time slot for on-campus sessions. Students must also wear a face-covering to campus. To register for a small group session, please complete the NSO registration form here:

Hope Campus Small Group Sessions:

Date: Monday, August 10

Times: 8-10am | 10-Noon | 1-3pm | 3-5pm

Date: Tuesday, August 11

Times: 8-10am | 10-Noon | 1-3pm | 3-5pm | 6-7pm

Texarkana Campus Small Group Sessions:

Date: Wednesday, August 12

Times: 8-10am | 10-Noon | 1-3pm | 3-5pm

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