Be very aware of your surroundings and have a plan if you are approached by someone trying to sell tasers or any other weapons that could be used against you.

Today, a man pulled up in his car as I was getting out of my vehicle in front of a store on Richmond Road. He tried to make idle conversation and then offered to sell me a brass knuckle taser/stun gun for $10. As I said "no" and turned to walk away he hit the trigger on the stun gun and it made a electric-popping noise that startled the heck out of me. I jumped and spun around yelling "don't do that!" and then I hurried into the store. My heart was pounding. The whole incident caught me way off guard. I know what I wish I had done but my reaction was based on fear and not a protection mode.

Please be aware of your surroundings. Even in very public places you could easily become a victim.

I did some research on the taser/stun gun this guy was trying to sell me. It looked like black colored brass knuckles and popped very loud so it wasn't a barb type weapon. On This is Why I am Broke's website it sells for $48.69. Amazon sells it for $45.97. Parking lot dude was peddling his for $10. That price alone is very suspicious.

He may have been trying to move stolen merchandise or maybe he planned to use it on me when I reached for my money or something worse. Maybe he got a great deal on tasers and wanted to pass along the savings to others. Who knows? I knew that I wasn't going to stick around to find out.

So now starts all of the conversations and daydreaming about what I should have done and my mind is racing with what I wish I would have done.  Next time I will reach for my phone and video him including his license plate number. Next time maybe I will say I've got something better than that and reach for my gun. Next prepared for your 'next time.'

This is a video of what the taser would do--it is wicked sounding.