Remember the old Tonka toys? I may be giving away my age here but I remember playing with those growing up. They had a whole line of toys that were very tough to break made of heavy duty metal. These trucks,tractors, and ditch diggers were very resilient to say the least. Well, I'm here to tell you about a website for the 'Children's Museum of Indianapolis' who just revealed the top toy of the past century.

And the winner was G.I. Joe,  followed by Transformers and Lego blocks. Officials of the museum picked their top 100 toys of the past 100 years and more than 24,000 votes were cast online to narrow the list down the top 20, which was topped by G.I. Joe, Transformers, Lego blocks, Barbie and the View-Master.

Ahh yes, who could forget about the View-Master, had one of those too. Did Tiddly-Winks make on the list or the Spyro-Gyro, Duncan yo-yo or Rock em' Sock em' robots. See survey toy list.