Hard to believe but Thanksgiving Day is a little more than a week away. I have really come to love Thanksgiving because it's a day set aside to reflect on all the many blessings you have received throughout the year and time with family and friends. Of course, what would Thanksgiving be without turkey and dressing, some tasty side dishes, with plenty of desserts.

Some of these dishes could be some hand me down family recipes, or just something you look forward to eating every Thanksgiving. It might be the holiday season that it's the only time your mom or grandma makes a certain dish you can't live without. Which brings me to this, General Mills just released a list of the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state. The survey was based on searches and recipes done Nov. 1, through Thanksgiving of last year.

Pies were number one in seven states which included North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Delaware. buffalo chicken dip was number one in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mac and Cheese recipes were popular in California and Virginia and Missouri searched recipes for after Thanksgiving such as breakfast casserole.

In Arkansas the survey showed Chicken & Dumplings, Texas loves Chicken Spaghetti, and in Louisiana it was the traditional cornbread dressing. See all 50 states.

And for me, What would Thanksgiving be without a slice of pecan pie?

Do you have a favorite dish you can't live without on Thanksgiving? Here's what you told me on my Facebook page.


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