This summer, I may have to embark on a burger road trip.

How can anyone say no to a delicious cheeseburger? I mean, seriously. Not only are they delicious, but you're kind of getting all of your food groups in one bite... carbs, protein, veggies, dairy. Depending on your stance in regards to tomatoes, you may even be getting some fruit!

I can't get enough of burgers. Some would say that the cheeseburger was my first love. So when I found a list from Taste of Home online naming the "Best Burger in Every Sate", I basically started planning my summer road trip across the country to try all of them.

First stop, Pig Trail Bypass Country Cafe in Elkins.

This is where Taste of Home says the best burger in Arkansas is. I have to admit that I'm already sold by the fact that it's found in a place off the road in which you can also fill up the car and grab some ice. Their Facebook page says they are "Gas Station Gourmet." Taste of Home applauded their Hooshburger for its secret blend of Persian spices that make it unique. It's topped with American cheese because... 'Murica!

Do you agree? Did they get it right? Where do you go for your burger fix?

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