The winter storm that swept through Texarkana on Wednesday didn't turn out to be anywhere near as bad as forecasters thought it would be. While the National Weather Service stuck with their forecast (until it was painfully obvious it just WASN'T going to happen) of anywhere from 4-8 inches of snowfall around the area, the actual snowfall recorded in Texarkana was only two inches. The snow was barely enough to cover the grassy area, much less make driving conditions hazardous. Several times yesterday I had several people say (even my kids), "School's closed for this?!!?".

Yesterday morning, faced with the possibility they might have to send all of our kids home within hours of the opening bell, with snow falling and slick roads, all of our area school administrators decided it was best to err on the side of caution and canceled classes for the day. I personally think that was the right decision. I can only imagine the outrage from parents (myself included) had they not canceled classes and the storm turned out to be as bad or worse than predicted. What if the storm would have hit as expected and a school bus crashed trying to get the kids home?

Way to go area school administrators! It's good to know you worry more about the safety of our children than whether you're going to have to work one extra day in June.

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