This video may be hard to watch for some. The girl is now recovering from her injuries.

It is a scene that parents' have nightmares about. According to CNN, a four-year-old girl tumbled out of the back of a church bus recently in Harrison, Arkansas. The road was active that day, but luckily the driver of the car behind the bus was not only alert, but also a trained EMT.

Ryan Ciampoli, a trained EMT, was following the bus when he saw the girl fall. He quickly stopped his car and rushed to her aid. She was unconscious when he got to her, but he removed her from the road, cradled her in his arms and talked to her until she came around.

The entire scene was caught on his dash cam that he sometimes uses when he is on duty.

According to the other kids on the bus, the young girl has walked to the back of the bus and pulled on the emergency latch. Shortly after she was falling from the bus. She suffered a broken jaw and will undergo surgery, but is recovering in the company of her parents.

The driver of the bus will not face any charges in the incident.


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