Texas A&M University-Texarkana has received some great news about the funding for Phase 3 of its Better East Texas Initiative (BET3) from the 88th Texas Legislature.

The Legislature has set aside $4.9 million to go toward academics and outreach programs to our area.

There are four academic programs that will be developed through BET 3.

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Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Master of Healthcare Administration, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering Management.

This is a great opportunity for our area. These degrees aren't offered in our area. The closest schools are two to four hours away to study these majors.

The other great program that will receive funding from BET3 are outreach programs at A&M-Texarkana. These programs help with labor shortages and economic needs in our area.

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The East Texas Stem Center benefits from this as well with TAMU-Texarkana's engineering and computer science and work with local schools and encourages students to go into STEM majors because of the growing need of that profession in our area.

A&M-Texarkana will also work with Texarkana College and Regional Economic Development, Inc. (AR-TX REDI) to help support business startups and entrepreneurial activity in the area too.

Texas A&M University-Texarkana President Dr. Emily Cutrer said in a press release;

“Texas A&M University-Texarkana is grateful to the 88th Texas Legislature for its continued support of our Better East Texas initiative and particularly appreciative of the leadership and support of Representative Gary VanDeaver and Senator Bryan Hughes. Because of their investment in these new degree and outreach programs, the economic, healthcare, and educational future of East Texas and beyond is brighter.”

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