I don't know about you but when I heard about the passing of Davy Jones of the iconic band The Monkees I felt like a little part of American music history died too. I can remember countless Saturday mornings waking up to watch the TV show The Monkees.After all the TV sitcom was inspired from the Beatles movie "A Hard Day's Night". Davy Jones became the heart-throb of America. Back then you couldn't pick up a magazine,' Teen Beat' without seeing a picture of Davy and the boys on the cover. Yes, The Beatles were the hottest act out there but The Monkees eventually became recognized as the American version of the Fab 4.

Did you know the Monkees sold more albums in 1967 than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined. That the TV show The Monkees, working from the template of Help! and A Hard Day's Night, helped invent the music video.

And it's very hard to imagine that after all these years The Monkees have never been inducted into the  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and have been eligible since 1992.  Don't you think it's about time? At least do it for the memory of Davy Jones if nothing else.

Here some music videos courtesy of YouTube~


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