It's being referred to as "Woods Park" right now because of what it used to be, a parking lot for Woods furniture, well this Friday the Atlanta, Texas Chamber of Commerce invites you to the ribbon cutting for this new parking lot and green structure park.

The ribbon cutting will take place this Friday, May 25th, at 2 PM, as the Atlanta Area Chamber of Commerce celebrates the Atlanta City Development Corporation’s latest downtown project.

The first event to be held in “Woods Park,” will be this Saturday, May 26th. A free outdoor movie. Other events in the works for the space include a new Farmers’ Market, proposed art installments and more.

The project began in July of 2017 under the direction of the ACDC Board Members: Robert Carter, Rita Cox, Keith Crow, Roger Matlock, Dean McDuff, Carol Price, Kevin Sherman and Kendell Wolfe and the oversight of Executive Director Miranda Johnson and City Manager David Cockrell. CLB Engineering, Inc. and Lone Star Construction were behind the project design and construction.


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