Halloween is almost here! Have you ever been driving in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and felt like you were not alone. Maybe you were not! Could it be you picked up a ghostly stranger or even thought you saw something on the road you couldn't explain. Well, that leads me to some of Arkansas highways you don't want to be caught traveling down after dark.

It's that time of the year again to take a drive down some of Arkansas' most haunted highways. Warning! Travel at your own risk.

Old Redfield Road


Let's begin our travels near Little Rock in the town of Sheridan Ark. Locals there have reported seeing ghostly apparitions while driving or walking down the road. It's been know that radios and other electrical equipment will quit working when traveling in this area. Oh, and be aware of the nearby cemetery!

 Woodson Latteral Road

Located 18 miles south of Little Rock, is another haunted highway, Woodson Latteral Road. The road is basically out in the middle of nowhere, so when traveling this highway it will be pitch black with lots of tall trees that hang over the roadway and even a cemetery on the side of the road. Remember that movie, "The Mothman Prophecies" about some winged bat or creature that appears out of nowhere, this is said to be one of the occurrences along with ghost lights, shadow people and the Woodson bridge.

 Highway 365


Okay there's always that story about the haunted hitchhiker but on a famous Highway 365 road in Woodson Ark., chances are you will experience the hitchhiker. According to local legend, a female hitchhiker wearing a tattered dress appears on the side of the road and if you pick her up she will give you her address only to find when you arrive there she's no longer in your vehicle. When you ask the residents at the location about that they tell you she was their daughter and was killed in a traffic accident years ago. No, thank you I'll keep driving.

 Rader Road


When traveling in NW Arkansas on Rader Road don't be spooked if you happen to see a headless horseman riding off into the woods. Kind of reminds me of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Is that close to Booger Hollow, Arkansas?

Wolf Bayou Bridge


And finally, if you ever happen to be near the town of Scott be warned of Wolf Bayou Bridge, site of a new bridge that replaced the old bridge in the small town of Scott. Ever since the new bridge was constructed legend has it that a woman and her baby died there, when she ran off the bridge. They say if you go out there at night and say the words "Mama Lou, I've got your baby," your car may stall and you may see an apparition of a woman looking for her baby.

Do you know of any scary roads in Texarkana? How about Wamba Road?

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