Wait, I think I spotted myself in this video!

Ok, I'm kidding. This video was taken from way too high up to be able to distinguish who is who. We all just look like a bunch of ants from the sky, especially in the shots of the football field where there are tiny, sprinkle look-a-likes moving across the field.

I love views like this.

My husband is a pilot and we get to experience views like this quite regularly. There's just nothing quite like a bird's eye view of your own city. It gives you real perspective of the layout of your town. I've moved a few times in my day and I would have loved to have a cheat sheet like this when it came to navigating to and from work. Yes, I know there is this groundbreaking app called Google Maps, but it's just not the same as seeing it for real. It's even better than the "Satellite View" setting.

We live in a beautiful area. See for yourself!