Yesterday, I heard the story of the flight attendant in Denver celebrating 50 years on the job! It reminded me that when I was a kid, that is exactly what I wanted to do, be a flight attendant.

Last Wednesday morning, Carol Andrews slid her hands into a pair of white gloves that she hasn't worn in decades.

The gloves were the finishing touch to Andrews' first flight attendant uniform from 1963 that included a matching blue tweed blazer, pencil skirt, pillbox hat and a string of pearls.

"Flying used to be a white-glove service," said Andrews, a Pinewood Springs resident. "It was luxurious and people got dressed up, but the attire nowadays is comfortable."

Andrews, 72, donned the retro uniform in celebration of her 50th anniversary as a flight attendant for United Airlines.



Oh, how I  wanted to be an Flight Attendant when I was a kid. Of course back then it was an Airline Stewardess. I loved to fly! I remember going on a plane at an early age. My mother was from Canada so there were a few times where she went to visit her parents and I got to go along for the ride! Yes, the benefits of being the youngest in the family were all my brothers and sisters were old enough to fend for themselves, but I was still too young :)

The Attendant's always wore such cool uniforms! Remember Braniff?  They were always so nice too! Bringing me cokes, snacks oh and those plastic wings! Heck, you know it was cool to be a flight attendant because Barbie was one!

When you were a kid, What did you want to be when you grew up?

via United flight attendant celebrates 50 years, 10 million miles in the air - Longmont Times-Call.