Time has a way of changing things. If you grew up in Texarkana like I did then you will remember several restaurants that were a pillar of this community for years but are no longer here. Some places are just slabs concrete of what once was, and others are just shells of a building weathered by the elements of time.

But the one thing we all have are the memories we created with our family and friends, the good food restaurants once served that we still miss today. For example, I was eating a taco the other day and it made me think, I wish we still had a Taco Tico here. Remember when they had 39 cent tacos? You could practically feed your whole family on that. You know I have plenty of places I would love to mention but I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite memories and why.

Guy's Orange

When I was growing up as a child this was one of my parents' favorite place to eat. Not only did they become good friends with the owner, Guy, but I specifically remember Guy always taking the time to talk with me and my brother anytime we came in to eat. The original Guy's was located on 7th Street in downtown Texarkana and it turned out to be a place that my family would take us to after a Friday night movie at the Paramount Theater. (Another story in itself). Guy's became famous for their Texas Burger -- most likely the biggest burger made during that time in Texarkana.

Now,  even though I liked the Texas Burger I really liked their chili dog and so did a lot of other customers. Every time my uncle would visit here from Dallas he wanted to go to Guy's for some chili dogs. And that's not all, Guy's was famous for its homemade orange flavored drink topped off with a cup of peanuts. The two just tasted so good together whether you ate the peanuts from the cup or put them in your drink as many folks did.

Guy's also had a coin operated jukebox. To this day every time that I hear "Behind Closed Doors" from Charlie Rich or "Kentucky Rain" by Elvis I'm immediately taken back to a time when things were more simple. If I remember correctly, it cost only a quarter to play a song on the jukebox.

Sometimes for a smile I'll pull up in the parking lot and imagine the great smell in the air and long for that Texas Burger or chili dog. Guy's eventually closed their doors downtown several years ago and then reopened in Nash for many more years before finally closing for good. All that remains is an old tarnished sign and great memories that will last a lifetime.

Townsquare Media, Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia, Townsquare Media

Now let's take a look at some of your favorite foods and restaurants you miss. Thanks for all the great memories.


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