Moral of the story first: You never know who you might run into.

It was just another Saturday in Houston running errands with mom on the day before Mother's Day, which included a run out to Katy, TX just west of the big city of Houston to pick up something my mom had left at a gift store with one of her customers. Hang on this might get a little confusing here. My Mom's customer is Cheri Bumbera  owner of Sassafras Boutique in Brenham, TX, mom had left something at her store the day before, but instead of driving all the way out to Brenham, Cheri gave it to her husband Kenny Bumbera who owns and runs a auto repair and performance shop in Katy, Texas. Well Katy is much closer than Brenham to run out and pick up the item, what-ever-it-was. Cheri also mentioned that I might enjoy all the cars at her husbands shop.

That was an understatement.

Kenny Bumbera is the owner of Bumbera's Performance Associates, and is the patriarch of a Texas racing family including wife Cheri, daughters Kristin and Kendall and son Boyd. Drag racing, road racing, NASCAR, dirt track, it seems the family has done it all. Kenny builds custom hot rods and racers from the ground up, repairs them or just makes them better.

It was a real pleasure to meet Kenny and Kristin that day and get an inside look at what's cooking behind the main lobby of  his... "shop."

By the way I have no idea if mom ever picked up what she came for, I was to busy taking pictures and trying to keep from visibly drooling.