If you love to play golf, if you love playing in charitable tournaments, have we got a date for you, Harvest Regional Food Bank will host its Annual Drive Out Hunger Golf Tournament, Monday, May 22nd at Northridge Country Club in Texarkana. Write it down now so you don't forget. 

The fight to beat food insecurity continues and you can help with your participation in this annual tournament. All of the proceeds from the event support hunger relief programs at Harvest Regional Food Bank. Harvest serves more than 75 agencies in 9 counties in southwest Arkansas and Bowie County, Texas as well. In 2021 and 2022, Harvest distributed nearly 10 million pounds of food to our neighbors in need. Those are not national numbers, that's local, that's right here. Harvest provides relief through food banking, mobile pantries, senior programs, and weekend backpack food for kids and school pantry program.

Golf Tournament 2023 - Canva
Golf Tournament 2023 - Canva

According to a Release from the USDA, at least 1 in 5 living in our region is hungry, and one-fourth of those Harvest serves are children under the age of 18. Arkansas and Texas are still identified as the two states with the highest poverty and child hunger rates.

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Visit hrfb.org/golf to secure your sponsorship or team. For more information, call (870)774-1398 or email development@hrfb.org.

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