The Christmas holiday season is over and just when you think there is nothing to look forward too...It's Girl Scout Cookie time!

To celebrate the end of their 100th anniversary the boxes will look a little different, but no worries! The cookies are the same! The boxes feature pictures of Girl Scouts in New York, taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly.

Oh, and there is a new cookie this year! It's the The Mango Creme, a vanilla and coconut sandwich cookie with a mango-flavored creme filling. Will you be trying these?

There is only one for me! Thin Mints! My husband's favorite is Samoas. So, yes we each get our own boxes. Lots of them!

If you haven't seen the girls out and about yet, there is an app to find them! Get The Cookie Locator app for iPhone and Android!

Here's an interesting fact. Ever wonder why some of the Girl Scout cookies have two names? It's because the cookies are made by two baking companies. There has never been move to standardize the names, so the bakeries can name them what they want too.

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