Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Penne, Linguini, Ravioli... no, I'm not telling you every Italian word I can think of, it's National Pasta Day and the list of different kinds of pasta is enormous. 

At first, I thought about doing a poll but the list of pasta truly is ridiculous to do that, and most of them you and I have never even heard of before so what would be the point of that?

According to a recent survey by National Today, 75% of us eat some kind of pasta at least once a week.

2.8% of us don't ever eat any pasta.

Overall most popular pasta dish of all time, speghetti... surprise!

My all-time favorite has to be plain ol' spaghetti with meatballs in a thick, pasty sauce. However, shrimp fettucini alfredo runs a close second and lasagna very close third.

What's your favorite pasta dish, and where do you get it? Restaurant, grandma's house, your own? Let us know.




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