It's kind of funny and somewhat horrifying to many of us in the industry. I'm talking about the people who keep trying to convince me that "nobody listens to the radio anymore."

Horse hockey!

There are more choices these days for sure with satellite, Internet radio, Pandora, iTunes, whatever. But people tell me almost daily how much they love listening to Lisa, myself and John each weekday morning here on Kicker 102.5, so I know that people really do still listen to the radio.

The other encouraging sign is how many young people I've met lately who repeat stupid things we've said and bits we've done. That's exciting to me. Young people are actually discovering a free entertainment option that's right there in their car already and even in their phone if the FM receiver chip is activated. To receive the signal over the air and through your phone just download the TuneIn App to see if your chip is activated.

Jim - Lisa - John - Railfest 2015

Of course there are the digital options as well.

RadioPup - Free download at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

At the website, just click on the Listen Live link.

Then just tune us in and sit back, relax and enjoy. Don't relax too much if you're driving!

We'll see you on the radio. Thanks for listening!