Gather round ladies and gents, it's time to get a little culture in our lives. 

Sir John is back with a new Cultured Country! Yes, our resident Britneck, Sir John recited lyrics to a country song yesterday for us on the air, and oh how he can make a song sound so totally different.

poetry - cube with letters, sign with wooden cubes

This week Sir John graced us by reciting the lyrics to Alan Jackson's Where I Come From. Listen as he says Finger Lickin'. Maybe they just don't do that in England?

Photo by Manuel Nägeli on Unsplash
Photo by Manuel Nägeli on Unsplash

Just hit the arrow below to play this week's Cultured Country

Here are the lyrics below so you can follow along.

Well, I was south of Detroit city
I pulled in this country kitchen
To try their brand of barbecue
The sign said finger-lickin'
Well, I paid the tab and the lady asked me
How'd you like my biscuit
"I'll be honest with you, ma'am
It ain't like mama fixed it"
'Cause where I come from
It's cornbread and chicken
Where I come from, a lot of front porch pickin'
Where I come from, tryna make a livin'
And workin' hard to get to Heaven
Where I come from

You can sing along with the original video below.


You can hear Cultured Country on Thursday Mornings at 7:40 AM with Jim and Lisa Your Wake-up Crew on Kicker 102.5.

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