Ok, really it's a tank, an artillery piece, and some Civil War graves, all right here in our own backyard. It's another video edition of "Did You Know?"

Rondo Cemetery is at the corner of McClure Rd. and Cobb Ln in the small community known as Rondo just a little Northwest of Texarkana.

The Cemetery was built in 1862 and features 85 Unknown Confederate Soldiers graves, a rusting WWII Tank, and a field artillery piece and many family grave sites dating well back into the 1800's.

As I understand the story, the Union Army was getting very close to the then Capitol of the Confederacy, what we now call Old Washington, and as a precaution, records and a printing press were all moved to the tiny town of Rondo where a detachment of soldiers were also sent to guard it. Unfortunately, as happened often back then, an outbreak of measles took the lives of 85 of those Confederate soldiers and they were buried here at the Rondo Cemetery.

Just recently, some of us around the radio station were talking about interesting sights to see right around the Texarkana area and someone asked if I had ever seen the tank in the Rondo Cemetery? I obviously had not, so here I am.

If you want to see it yourself, there's a map below. It's easy to find just on the other side of the airport.

Hope you enjoy the video.


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