Lisa, John and I were talking about this on Friday's (10/5) morning show and I had several people mention it to me over the weekend so I just have to post these videos so everyone can see what John and I were talking about.

Everyone knows that men and women are different, some may not want to admit this basic truth of life but that's their problem. John and I were talking about how men have their nothing box and it drives women crazy when they walk in a room, see us staring at nothing, ask what we're thinking about and we say "nothing." It's true, we fellers have a place in our heads we can go where nothing is happening, and it's a beautiful thing. Women do not understand our nothing box, women, generally speaking, do not have a "nothing box," therefore they couldn't possibly understand it, right?

Where did John and I learn about the nothing box theory? From this video series right here. This is a Bible-based relationship video series that helps people understand how men and women are different, how they think differently and how to get those minds to come to together, communicate better and ultimately have better relationships.

It's awesome, enjoy:



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