Curse Netflix! They've done it again, put yet another top-notch program on the air and I liked it so much I couldn't stop watching it this past weekend! The Robinson family is back in space, trillions of miles from home, encountering beasties, robots, nature and who knows what else in this terrific remake and re-imagined tale of the 60's TV classic, "Lost In Space".

The story takes place just 30 years in our supposed future when mankind is venturing out to populate the stars, that's when things go horribly wrong due to an attack on their "mother ship" if you will, called the Resolute. They all get sucked into a worm-hole or something like that and are deposited trillions of miles from mother Earth, much less their original destination.

That's all of the story-line I'm going to reveal other than one little bit of complete silliness in the show. Lack of self-defense capabilities.

I don't know what "snowflake" wrote this part of the story-line, but that's the only way I can describe it. So we're supposed to believe they are going to send these families on a one-way mission with no means of protecting themselves? Not even a billy club? Seriously? Character John Robinson was a Marine for crying out loud, you think he's going to head into the unknown without a gun to help protect his family? Think again! They do have a 3D printer on each ship that can make firearms, (with permission) but when you're being chased by an alien critter that's trying to eat you there's just not enough time to stop and print a pistol. Silly, politically-correct nonsense.

I do hope this is not some goofy liberal trend in Hollywood. There's no reason to glorify the gun in this type of show but there's also no reason to ignore reality either. I get enough of that on the nightly news thanks.

Overall, I love the story, I'm hooked. I have one more episode to watch and season one is done. I wonder how long it will be before season two gets here?

Trailers below, check 'em out.




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