Luke Bryan and his new duet partner! This is just totally precious! Luke recently brought a little girl on stage with him to sing his song "Someone Else Calling You Baby"

This is why I love county music. Would you ever see this at a rock concert? You know this little girl will remember this moment for the rest of her life!

Luke Bryan And His Newest Star...via JrzyCowGirl

Posted by Country Living on Thursday, June 11, 2015


Speaking of Luke, he recently told Rolling Stone that yes, country music has a ton of different musical genres influences and that's okay!:

"The scope of it has widened. People want to go crazy and be mad. But let me tell you something: Everywhere I go, people's playlists . . . in 20 songs, there are 15 different genres.

"Whether they are tailgating, sitting out having a cigar on their patio, it's just the deal. You can be mad about it, or not. Or you can go download an album, pick your favorite song and put it on your playlist. And let that be your story."