Medical Practice Success is hiring and they are making it easy to apply and find out more about the company by hosting a job fair tomorrow Tuesday, February 8.

Medical Practice Success has several newly created job positions from entry-level to management positions.

sales advisor

Medical Practice Success CEO Stacy Calvaruso said in a press release:

"We are incredibly excited about the growth we've experienced in the last year and owe so much of that success to our amazing team. The Medical Practice Success Job Fair is an opportunity for talented workers in the Texarkana area to connect with our team face-to-face, learn more about what we do, and ultimately start a career with the MPS family!"

Business agreement handshake of man and woman at the office

The original job fair was supposed to have been on Feb. 3 but with all the threat of bad weather, they rescheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 8 from 3PM to 7PM at the Operations Zone located at 3601 Richmond Road, Texarkana, Texas.


According to their website:

Medical Practice Success is a hometown medical billing company locally owned, locally run, and growing rapidly in Texarkana, TX. Medical Practice Success is growing SO rapidly, in fact Hiring managers will be available on-site to conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Right now some of the current job openings are:

Certified Medical Coder

Credit Resolution Specialist

Follow up Team Member

Patient Advocate

Reimbursement Posting

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