Yes, the fireworks were awesome this year, the Texas Connection danced and drummed their collective keesters off, the cannons were loud, the Scout Craft was fantastic, yeah, yeah, yeah... but my favorite thing to do is throw tomahawks!

In the video below you'll see my son Tyler, the Eagle Scout, showing the SPL of Troop 3 how easy it is, and he does make it look easy, to throw a tomahawk. The next clip is me warming up, haven't thrown since last year ya know. Clip three is me and boy Tyler facing off, we both stuck two out of three but his were clearly bullseyes, mine were not. He wins!

I don't know what it is about getting that perfect single rotation and sticking it right in the bullseye but I just love it. I do it fairly well for a guy that only gets to throw them once a year at Scout-O-Rama. Unfortunately, my kid Tyler is throwing them better than me now, makes me have the stink face. Every dad knows there will come a day when his kid starts beating him at everything, no worries, my ego can take it, after all, it's still fun.

And every now and then, everything drops in just the way you planned it. Yeah, I did that below.

Jim's Tomahawk Throwing - SOR 2018
Jim's Tomahawk Throwing - SOR 2018

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