I wanted to post this between Christmas and New Years but last week was a time-eating booger, never the less here we go with One Last Christmas Blog.

Christmas 2017 has come and gone but I simply had to post two pictures I snapped while down in Houston a couple of weeks ago, here's the scenario:

The week before Christmas, boy-Tyler and I went down to Houston to visit my mom, daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. While there we had a chance to go downtown and have breakfast at the Hilton Hotel right next to the Toyota Center. While that was an expensive little buffet, it was quite good and the Christmas display in the lobby was picture-worthy. So, here you go, quite possibly the last two pictures of Christmas 2017.

Happy New Year again...

Hilton Houston Christmas Display1 - JimWeaver

Hilton Houston Christmas Display2 - JimWeaver