If you've ever threatened something with "when it snows in Hawaii" you may want to reevaluate you life...

I'd like to apologize to our IT guy because I literally spit coffee all over my computer when I read this headline from the Weather Channel, "Hawaii's Big Island Peaks See Heavy Early December Snow." Some of you may be rolling your eyes because it's not completely uncommon for this island paradise to get snow, but I believe I'm with the majority when I say, "What the heck?"

The Big Island's highest peaks are now snow-capped.

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa received back-to-back days of snow, which caused many of the roads leading up to the visitor center to be closed. The elevation of some of these peaks is 9,200 feet so it's not a big surprise to see snowfall to locals and those who crack a book every once in a while. For the rest of us, like me... I thought the world was ending.

Ok, maybe that's a little extreme.

However, hearing that it's snowing in Hawaii is a bit alarming. I guess it's not entirely different from hearing about snow in California that is visible from the beach. All I can say now is save some for the south!

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