If you thought something looked a little amiss at The Pavilion Shopping Center on Saint Michael Drive in Texarkana over the weekend, then you would be correct.

What Restaurant in Texarkana is Closing its Doors?

Reggie's Burgers, Dogs and Fries location at The Pavilion has closed after 10 years. They posted on their Facebook page that this past Saturday, December 17 was their last day.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What About The Reggie's Location on State Line Avenue? Is it Closing too?

Reggie's location on the Arkansas side located at 3200 State Line Avenue is still open for business and there are no plans at closing this location.

The Good News. Reggie's Will Reopen Soon

Photo by Ilya Mashkov on Unsplash
Photo by Ilya Mashkov on Unsplash

The Facebook post went on to say that they are looking at reopening Reggies in a new location. They stated that a new location has been secured and an announcement of where that new location will be will come soon.

So, the big question...where do you think their new location will be? Where would you like to see them relocate? Do you go to their location on Stateline Avenue? What is your favorite item on their menu? Text us and let us know on the Kicker App.

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