How did you spend your summer vacation? My wife Donna and I did something this year that we haven't done in a long time, spent a week together on "vacation." Depending on your relationship with your spouse that can be a dream come true or a nightmare. Ours was terrific. We loaded up the truck and headed for Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a few days, more on that later, and then to Branson, Missouri for the first time for either of us. Branson is where we found the Promised Land Zoo, another great destination in the series we like to call 'One Tank Trips'.

My wife squeed with delight when she discovered a zoo that lets you pet and feed sloths. The Promised Land Zoo has four of them and no, it's not cheap to do, but for you sloth lovers out there (and you know who you are) there is no price you won't pay to get this opportunity. Worth every penny!

PL Zoo - Sloths 3 - JimWeaver
PL Zoo - Sloths 3 - JimWeaver

When you're looking at ticket prices, check out the VIP Experience packages which include the close-up encounter with the sloths or two other animals, a petting opportunity with several other animals including a baby kangaroo and some kind of South American lizard, then you're off in the tour bus to hand-feed a bunch of bigger animals like buffalo, emu and Fallow deer.

Of course, they have less expensive tickets if you're not interested in the VIP thing, you can see all of their information at

Check out the pics below, literally the best time I've ever had at a zoo.

PL Zoo


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