The City of Texarkana has scheduled their second Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting on Tuesday, Nov, 15 at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center at 6PM.

If you attend just one public meeting this year, this is the meeting you need to attend. City officials want to hear from all residents on matters big and small. This your opportunity to come voice your opinion on any concerns you may have about our town. This meeting will focus on three scenarios for the future growth of Texarkana over the next
25 years and will build on the first public meeting that included over 100 community
members in attendance.

You will be able to review the detail scenarios for specific areas and topics of focus for
Texarkana which include: Downtown, State Line Corridor, neighborhood integrity, pedestrian mobility, suburban growth and revitalization. The planning and design team will solicit input on these scenarios and gather community feedback during the meeting.

This is a key meeting of the comprehensive plan update and we hope you will be able to make plans to be there. Please spread the word via social media outlets on how you could shape our community and city for the future.