We are coming to the end of an era. Russell Sapaugh, who has worked in various positions with the Texarkana Arkansas School District for over 38 years, has decided to retire at the end of the school year. 

Himself a graduate of Arkansas High School, Sapaugh accepted the position of superintendent in March 2008, a role he's filled ever since.

It has been an honor and privilege working with the schools, community, boards, and other elected officials, he said. "As much as I love...this district, it is time to shift my focus to do other things that I love too."

Having graduated from Arkansas High School myself, I fondly remember Sapaugh back when he was a principal. He always seemed to offer a smile or a few kind words to his students, even those he needed to reprimand for one thing or another. So what will happen now that he's leaving?

According to TASD Board of Directors President Carol Dalby, the board has contracted with McPherson and Jacobson, LLC to find a new superintendent. Although Sapaugh will definitely be missed, Dalby says the board respects his desire to spend time with his family.

The board also hopes "to find that person who will continue and build upon the progress our district has made under Superintendent Sapaugh's guidance," Dalby says.

Whatever the future holds for Sapaugh, we hope he dares to dream big, embrace life, and is surrounded by people who inspire him while he no doubt continues to lead by example.

Do you have fond memories of Russell Sapaugh? Send him a note to wish him well before he retires. Emails may be sent to russell.sapaugh@tasd7.net.