It's hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. If you're looking to get out of town for a few days and do something fun this is it. It's the Annual Memorial Day Fireworks display going on at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs Arkansas.

 The event is free and will take place on Sunday, May 30, at dark. This is such an amazing way to see the fireworks over beautiful Lake Hamilton. According to their Facebook events page the fireworks will be set off in the middle of the lake at the Highway 7 South Bridge on the east side of Highway 7 at the first Highway 7 bridge opposite of the DoubleTree Hotel. They do have a rain day set aside just in case on the next night Monday, May 31.

Make plans for the other fireworks display this summer on the lake for Sunday, July 4 and Labor Day weekend September 5.

If you have a boat and want to watch the fireworks from there that is an absolute blast to see them that way. I have had the chance to do that a few times and it was amazing! Boats are encouraged to keep a safe distance from the fireworks launching area for obvious reasons, SAFETY!
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