A single-engine Cessna crashed Monday morning on Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, Arkansas. It's believed there were two occupants in the plane, one female survivor, the pilot was pronounced dead at the scene.

Multiple reports are in now of a Cessna 177 Cardinal single-engine aircraft that went down in Lake Hamilton this morning, Monday, June 26, around 8 AM. Reports have the flight originated in Kentucky with an unknown destination. The Cessna was attempting to divert to Hot Springs airport due to an unknown problem. THV11.com is reporting that the plane made a distress call to the Hot Springs Airport requesting permission to land due to aircraft distress.

The cove where the plane went down is located near 161 Port Au Prince Street, which is about half a mile short of runway 5 at Hot Springs Memorial Field Airport.

The pilot has been identified as 49-year-old Daniel Dale, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The passenger is an as-of-yet, unnamed, 23-year-old female who was recovered from the crashed plane and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Her condition is not known at this time.

Below is a short interview video of Deputy Courtney Kizer of the Garland County Sheriff's Office as recorded by The Sentinel-Record:

The cause of the crash is not known at this time, the investigation is underway.

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