It's been over a year since ground broke on the donuts of my dreams, Shipley Do-nuts, and it looks like we're getting close. Look there, in the window, it's a "Now Hiring" sign! I grew up in Houston where Shipley began, and I love 'em! I can only hope they live up to my memories.

If you have some donut making experience maybe this is the job you've been looking for.

Shipley Do-Nuts now hiring sign

I talked with Michael Ung who lives in Douglasville, TX, and is the owner of this location to try and confirm a few details:

The grand opening is roughly two weeks away. Store hours will be 5 AM - 5 PM, seven days a week. They are currently looking to hire for all positions and shifts.


Shipley Do-nuts began in Houston, Texas in 1936 at a little bakery on Crockett St. on the Northside. In the beginning, they were a wholesaler of these tasty pastries selling for just 5 Cents a dozen. Lawrence Shipley Sr. created a wonderful treat that people flocked to and soon they had their first retail location.

Shipley has around 300 franchised locations in the southern United States including Texas, Arkansas, Louisianna, and many more states. I know there was a Shipley here in Texarkana before, I hear it closed back in the '90s.

One of my favorite memories from early morning work hours, or being up really really late, or just a special treat on the weekends was stopping a Shipley Do-nuts and picking up the lightest, fluffiest little-glazed pastry ever, fresh and still melt in your mouth hot and basically inhaling several of them. They were that good.

This is how it looked in January of 2018.

Shilpey lot - JimWeaver
Shilpey lot - JimWeaver

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