As I sit here at work watching the snowfall, I can't remember a time in Texarkana we had this much snow all within just two days of one another plus record low temperatures to boot. However, it could be a lot worse such as the ice storm on Christmas Day 2000 in Texarkana.

You know we could still get some freezing rain or sleet before it's all said and done, but for the most part, that type of weather seems to confined to the southern sections of Louisiana and I am fine with that.

Let's take you back to Christmas 2000, conditions had to be just right for what meteorologists would call the perfect storm. The evening started out with rain which eventually turned to freezing rain/sleet and lasted well into the night. I was spending Christmas with my folks that night when I remembered what sounded like shotguns going off were actually tree branches and trees popping, breaking, and falling to the ground.  The noise grew louder and more numerous throughout the evening and electricity to the house was eventually lost to the falling trees and Texarkana came to a standstill as most roads and bridges were iced over. It wasn't until the next morning that we were able to see all the damage that was done around Texarkana and the nearby surrounding area. Most folks had to deal with no electricity for the better parts of two weeks and if you lived out in the country we're talking about a month before power was restored.

People were buying up generators like crazy and stealing them like crazy too from what I remember. The storm brought the worst out of people but it also brought the best out of people with neighbors helping neighbors clean up their yards and others offering shelter if they had power. The good news is that Texarkana survived the 2000 ice storm but a lot of trees didn't.

So, even if things are treacherous for driving right now, I'll still take the snow over another ice storm any day.  I realize we're stuck indoors but it won't be long warming temperatures are on the way this weekend. We should be back into the 60s early next week. Hard to believe what a difference a week brings but here in the South as we say, "If you don't like the weather stick around it'll change."

According to the National Weather Service, it was the worst ice storm since 1819.

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