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Lately I've been on quest to find the best local places for great unique food in Texarkana, recently I discovered Taquitas Plus. They are a fairly new local place that just opened three months ago in a small house at 3015 Texas Blvd. The place is very colorful and vibrant so it's not hard spotting it just off the highway.


Many of you may remember David Langley who used to set up in a tent off Richmond Road and sell hot tamales for about three years. As David's business grew he decided to make a move and found an old house on Texas Blvd., which he said, needed a lot of work.

" I totally had to go in and renovate and restore the home in order to open my business."

It has sort of an artsy feel to with its individual painted over window panes in the door and windows. He spoke proudly of some autographed celebrity pictures he had on the wall as part of the decor. He showed me the spotless kitchen area where all the food is prepared fresh daily. Once the food is cooked the taquitas are stored frozen in a freezer and the hot tamales are stored in a warmer fridge, both for take outs for his customers. Mr. Langley has been cooking hot tamales for more than 30+years and has no signs of stopping anytime soon.

However, customers need to keep in mind, this is not a sit down restaurant it's strictly a pick-up and go.

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The name says it all, Taquitas Plus they serve a variety of taquitas from taco, beef potato w/green chili, chorizo, cheese and egg. tomatillo and chicken, and pulled pork taquitas. All taquitas are $13 per dozen. According to Langley, his taquitas are are made with flour tortillas instead of the traditional corn tortilla. Thus the name taquita and NOT taquito.

And for those who enjoy home-made hot tamales they make them fresh everyday. You can choose from pork, or chicken and they sell for $13 per dozen. I've had them many times and they're muy bueno!

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Taquitos Plus also specializes in making their own hot sauces from mango, tomatillo with avocado, sneaky red or gringo mild. And so you know, "We put no water in our hot sauces whch makes them simply more amazing to taste," said, Langley.

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Like their slogan says, It's all Bueno! Call in your order to 903- 293-8575 and they will have it ready for you when you get there.

And coming soon Sweeet Taqutas! You're gonna love them.

Taquitas Plus Hours

Mon-Tuesday 11-5PM

Wed-Friday 11-6:30PM

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Visit their Facebook page for more information.