Back in November of 2019, we all found out about a historic house in Texarkana that is owned by the Baptist Beech Street Church. There was a plan to possibly demolish it. Then we didn't hear anything else. This past week the Texarkana Historic District Commission denied the church's request to demolish the house.

According to KTAL  ArkLaTex Homepage, not only was the request denied. The commission has given the church 180 days to sell or come with a plan to restore the building.

John Monaghan

Claude Foulke House

The house known as the Claude Foulke House was built in the early 1900's and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. This is a beautiful, beautiful home and my hope is for it to be restored by either the current owners or new owners. Our downtown area is starting to develop and one of the best things about any downtown is and always will be the historic buildings and homes of a time gone by.

John Monaghan

Texarkana's History Needs to be Preserved

It's Texarkana's history and it needs to be preserved. We unfortunately have seen many beautiful old buildings downtown be neglected and torn down. This build still has a chance and with so many great renovations currently going on in the area (the Grimm, Texarkana National Bank and more) that it only seems right for this to be renovated too..

John Monaghan

Below is the news story from KTAL ArkLaTex Homepage

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