Historic Arkansas Museum, a museum of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, will host the American Bladesmith Society Hall of Fame induction ceremony on August 6 at 2PM in Little Rock, Ark.

The induction ceremony and reception are free and open to the public. Visitors are invited to tour the museum’s Knife Gallery during this special occasion. The historic Arkansas Museum’s Knife Gallery includes more than 100 historic and contemporary knives and also serves as the American Bladesmith Society Hall of Fame. Several Texarkana natives and other noteworthy people will be inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Dr. Carl Nelson (deceased)

Dr. Nelson, president of Texarkana College from 1975 to 2001, is primarily responsible for the establishment of the world’s first school of bladesmithing located in historic Washington, Ark., which opened its doors May 1, 1988. Dr. Nelson recognized the opportunity to play a major role in the preservation of an artform and gave his enthusiastic support to the school.

James Powell

Powell joined the Texarkana College administrative staff in 1983 and for 27 years served as Associate Dean of Instruction. He launched the Piney Woods Hammer-In in 1984. In 1988, he became the Director of the world’s first school of bladesmithing in Washington, Ark., and under his leadership the facility has flourished and served as a model for similar institutions.

Master Smith James Crowell

One of the most revered instructors among the ranks of American Bladesmith Society Master Smiths, he earned his MS rating in 1986, and was the second master to teach at the Texarkana College School of Bladesmithing, the first being the legendary W. F. “Bill” Moran. Crowell has taught at bladesmithing schools in Maine, North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio and Arkansas.

For a complete list of the inductees click here or visit their Facebook page.

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