A coin flip or drawing straws may determine who sits on the Texarkana College Board of Trustees.The possibility was raised after a recount today showed that both incumbent Julie Ray Harrison and challenger Jean Cotten finished with exactly 700 votes a piece. Harrison asked for the recount due to the close election that was canvassed and showed Cotten with a four vote lead out of 1,398 cast on election day which was May 12.

Now the College board will canvass the new figures tomorrow. According to legal counsel for the college there are three options for a tie-breaker.

1. One candidate may choose to withdraw and deem the other candidate the winner.

2. Both can agree to cast lots to determine a winner(example: a flip of a coin or draw straws, etc)

3. A new election can be held not less than 20 days and no more than 30 days from tomorrow.

Ms. Harrison says she did not expect the outcome of today's recount to show a tie. Meanwhile, Representative of Ms. Cotten said they were disappointed in the tied results but were pleased with the board who conducted the recount.

No word yet from either candidate which direction this will take next. Ms. Cotten has a medical procedure scheduled next week, and it is unknown how that will affect her decision.

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!